TEACHING 2nd Stakeholder Engagement Questionnaire & Results Analysis

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TEACHING 2nd Questionnaire

We invite you to take part in the second TEACHINGH2020 Stakeholders Survey so that we can consider your interest in knowing more about the TEACHINGΗ2020 offerings and outcomes.

TEACHING (A Computing Toolkit for Building Efficient Autonomous Applications Leveraging Humanistic Intelligence) is an EU-funded project that designs a computing platform and the associated software toolkits supporting the development and deployment of autonomous, adaptive and dependable Cyber-Physical System of System (CPSoS) applications.

We kindly invite you to take out this survey in the link below, which will help to set up our project’s business plan. By taking the survey, you will have access to short technical videos that will be produced in accordance with your responses and interests!

Link for the questionnaire:

Results Analysis of the 2nd survey:  TEACHING_2nd_Survey_Analysis_Results.pdf