NextGenCPSoS Cluster

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NextGenCPSoS Cluster

In the middle of the year 2022, TEACHING project, joined NextGenCPSoS, which is a cluster of seven EU funded projects (CPSoSaware, SMART4ALL, ADEPTNESS, ADMORPH, HiPEAC, DIH4CPS and TEACHING), aiming at developing new technologies and approaches for cyber-physical systems of systems. HRB supports effective transfer of research and innovation project results to policy makers, industry and society, by offering various services as dissemination, exploitation strategy and business plan development to projects supported under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7), Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe funding schemes.

So, European CPSoSaware project aims at developing models and software tools to allocate computational power/ resources to the CPS end devices of the System by determining and generating autonomously what cyber-physical processes will be handled by a device’s heterogeneous component.

The first step of HRB Module A was to identify a number of projects that are pertinent to or have similarities with the main beneficiary project in terms of focus, research field and target stakeholder. While identifying the cluster of projects commonalities results, areas of research and target stakeholders are taken into consideration.

NEXTGENCPSOSS is developing innovative solutions to create the next generation of Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems. In regards to that, TEACHING platform enables CPSs applications to close the human-feedback loop.

The previous days with the assistance of the HRB services we developed a joint promotional video and a factsheet, presenting all the projects!


You can check our video here:


Factsheet available also   here