2nd TEACHING webinar

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TEACHING webinar series continues with a new appointment: “Introduction to SOTIF” presented by Ing. Salvatore Petroni from Marelli on the 11th of December 2020. All TEACHING partners joined the webinar, with at least one representative for each beneficiary. The aim to disseminate knowledge on topics like Operational Safety in the automotive field was successfully met. The SOTF standard, presented during the webinar, is one of the central topics in TEACHING activities, related to functional safety for autonomous driving. The discussion was focused on the differences among the ISO 26262 and the SOTIF and how to derive a methodology that merges together the standards. This approach is the basis for the work Marelli is carrying out on Work Package 3, related to the methodologies to be applied, but has also direct impacts on all TEACHING Work Packages, in particular on those related to the architecture of the CPSoS. The webinar has been the occasion to clarify basic concepts and accord a common and cross-WP strategy for the Safety on AD.