WP7. Project Management and Coordination

Lead Beneficiary: UNIPI

Duration: 1-36

The main objective of this work package is to perform a coordination of the project to ensure TEACHING success.

This WP will focus on:

  • Ensuring TEACHING to meet its objectives and work plan.
  • Overall administrative and financial project management for a successful achievement of TEACHING goals.
  • Defining and implementing communication procedures to be followed within the project and with external
  • stakeholders.
  • Scheduling and organizing all project meetings.
  • Setting up and maintaining the information and communication flow among partners and also the liaison between the Project Officer from the European Commission and all the project partners.
  • Providing overall technical coordination ensuring technical cohesion between RTD activities and efficient coordination work.


D7.1. Project Management Plan (Lead: UNIPI; Due: M3; R; CO)
D7.2. Midterm management report (Lead: UNIPI; Due: M20; R; CO)
D7.3. Final management report (Lead: UNIPI; Due: M36; R; CO)
D7.4. Final report on the distribution of the Community contribution (Lead: UNIPI; Due: M36; R; P)
D7.5. Ethics compliance and monitoring (Lead: UNIPI, Due: M10; R; CO)