WP6. Communication, Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation

Lead Beneficiary: ITML

Duration: 1-36

The main objective of this WP is to deliver the outcomes of TEACHING to citizens, market/stakeholders and research community (Obj. 8).

To this end, this work package will aim at:

  • Maximizing the impact of the project aligning business opportunities with the technical and research activity.
  • Assisting and complementing the technical development with the business perspective particularly, relating to future
  • uptake and sustainability.
  • Studying the external context for TEACHING results, providing input and requirements relating to market needs and
  • trends and defining the market context for exploitation.
  • Ensuring proper communication of the project results and subsequently raising awareness to the scientific, industrial,
  • and general public communities.
  • Following, contributing to, promoting and ensuring usage of the corresponding relevant standards, while also supporting the liaison and collaboration activities with other EC funded related projects and initiatives.


D6.1. Initial plans for stakeholders’ engagement, dissemination and exploitation of results (Lead: ITML; Due: M3; R; P)
D6.2. Data Management Plan (Lead: UNIPI; Due: M6; R; CO)
D6.3. Mid-term update of stakeholders’ engagement plan, dissemination and exploitation mid-term reports (Lead: ITML; Due: M20; R; P)
D6.4. Market analysis, business plan and long-term sustainability report (Lead: ITML; Due: M20; R; P)
D6.5. Final dissemination and exploitation report (Lead: ITML, Due: M36; R; P)
D6.6. TEACHING contribution to standards report (Lead: ITML, Due: M36; R; CO)