WP5. Use cases and project prototypes

Lead Beneficiary: AVL

Duration: 1-36

The overarching objective of this WP is to integrate in the project use cases the autonomous driving and aviation functions, which are supported by AI techniques and which are intended to result with drastic increase of CPSoS performance, functionality and customization capabilities. The integration is orientated towards tailoring of relevant AIaaS functionalities for industrial environment and preparation for sustainable exploitation in the post-project phase (Obj. 7). The integration is based on usage of outputs from WP2-4, which address critical points and provide innovative solutions.

The WP sub-objectives are:

  • Design and define the architecture and requirements of the TEACHING avionics and automotive use cases
  • Data acquisition for enabling development, refinement and assessment of the individual software components in the AIaaS system.
  • Integration of the autonomous driving and aviation functions supported by AI in virtual environments to enable evaluation of physical interactions and readiness for industrial environment.
  • Integration of autonomous driving and aviation functions supported by AI into physical demonstrators.
  • Assessment of safety aspects arising from the integration activities.
  • Extensive demonstrator testing activities adopting the proposed control strategies.


D5.1. Initial use case specifications (Lead: AVL; Due: M6; R; P)
D5.2. Preliminary use case deployment, implementation and integration report with related dataset release (Lead: AVL; Due: M20; DEM; P)
D5.3. AI models training dataset (Lead: AVL; Due: M24; ORDP; P)
D5.4. Use case evaluation report (Lead: AVL; Due: M24; R; P)