WP2. Distributed Computing and Communication platform for CPSoS

Lead Beneficiary: CNR

Duration: 1-36

This WP focuses on the tools and mechanisms enabling the setup and the subsequent exploitation of the TEACHING distributed and heterogeneous computing platform. The resources in TEACHING will include different kinds of computing systems, both traditional ones (ranging from cloud computing platforms to edge machines) and smaller resource/energy-constrained devices, such as IoT, sensors or wearable devices (Obj. 1 and Obj. 2). The WP activities will deal with the application deployment onto the computing platform, the related networks and communications as well as on device programming and data storing. The WP will develop solutions for enabling information exchange, dissemination and gathering among different devices, possibly belonging to different cyber-physical subsystems. The WP will also deal with application deployment and tuning, both in traditional computing solutions as well as on resource/ energy-constrained devices (Obj. 3). Advanced solutions and approaches for the efficient management and processing of data streams will be implemented possibly leveraging existing, state-of-the-art solutions. The activities within this WP will strongly interact with those in the other technical WPs, from WP3 to WP5, with a tighter interaction with WP3.

The objectives of this WP are the following:

  • To provide mechanisms and means to ease the efficient exploitation of heterogeneous computational resources, including multi/many cores CPUs, computing accelerators and FPGAs
  • To ease the seamless and dynamic exploitation of Cloud and Edge resources, in order to supply the CPSoS of computing power when needed, by utilizing state-of-the-art solutions such as containerization and virtualization techniques
  • Definition of proper abstractions for the efficient exploitation, tuning and configuration of energy/performance constrained devices, such as IoT, sensors and wearable devices.
  • Implementation of management strategies and load balancing trade-offs between edge and cloud computing
  • Development of solutions enabling the decentralized communication among different devices either belonging to the same cyber-physical subsystem (intra-subsystem communication) or to different subsystems (inter-subsystem communication), supporting the detection of self-emerging behaviours.
  • Provide mechanisms and solutions for the efficient management, processing and transmission of data streams, both within the same cyber-physical subsystem and across different subsystems


D2.1. State-of-the-art analysis and preliminary requirement specifications for the computing and communication platform (Lead: CNR; Due: M10; R; P)
D2.2. Refined requirement specifications and preliminary release of the computing and communication platform (Lead: CNR; Due: M20; DEM; P)
D2.3. Final release of the computing and communication platform (Lead: CNR; Due: M30; DEM; P)