WP1. Requirements, Design and Integration of the Human-Aware CPSoS

Lead Beneficiary: HUA

Duration: 1-36

This work package will provide technical strategy and oversight for all research and development activities throughout the lifecycle of the project. It also will include requirements collection and analysis, state of the art review, and architecture specification production. The activities within this work package will strongly interact with those in the technical WPs providing specifications for the tools and software developed therein and taking care of their smooth integration.

The objectives of this WP are to:

  • Review the state-of-the-art, track future technology trends, and identify appropriate hardware platforms, sensors and software tools.
  • Identify and track end user and technical requirements, querying use case partners and technical contributors of TEACHING.
  • Specify the overall architecture for the TEACHING CPSoS by identifying components, their functionalities and interconnection, ensuring their coherency with the requirements and global architecture.
  • Integrate the components/prototypes developed by the technical WPs and setup the integration environment in order to deliver the overall integrated TEACHING CPSoS and its demonstrators.
  • Define the data management and integration plans.


D1.1. Report on TEACHING related technologies SoA and derived CPSoS requirements (Lead: HUA; Due: M10; R; P)
D1.2. TEACHING CPSoS architecture and specifications (Lead: HUA; Due: M20; R; P)
D1.3. Report on TEACHING CPSoS integration and on Human Centred Design outcomes (Lead: HUA; Due: M30; R; P)