High-Performance Computing and Communication Infrastructure (HPC2I)

The combined set of hardware, system software, development methodologies, orchestration strategies, and network protocols used in TEACHING realizes the High-Performance Computing and Communication Infrastructure (HPC2I). HPC2I has been designed to support the execution of the TEACHING platform for the leveraging of humanistic intelligence and satisfy the specific requirements associated both with the automotive and avionics use cases, basically ensuring the viability of the HPC2I infrastructure to serve as an execution platform. HPC2I encompasses solutions, technologies and algorithms that enable efficient exploitation of the resources realizing the TEACHING CPSoS. HPC2I has been designed to be flexible and inclusive to support a broader set of scenarios and use cases.

Innovation capacity: HPC2I is not intended to be an infrastructure built from scratch; instead, it builds upon state-of-the-art technologies that blend to produce a mix of value higher than the sum of its parts. This approach outlines its vocation on technology combination-customization-innovation-exploitation, essentially balancing the re-use of state-of-the-art approaches with the development of novel solutions. As such, it represents a highly valuable solution to enable, from an infrastructural viewpoint, the exploitation of human feedback in a highly distributed, heterogeneous environment, while avoiding a complete redefinition of technologies but instead opting for innovations to the existing spectrum of solutions, when this is viable. This creates opportunities for companies to adopt HPC2I without dealing with a disruptive change in their infrastructure management processes.